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FIS Core Financial

FIS Core Financial is crucial to any growing enterprises because it comprises of the followings:

• General Ledger
• Accounts Receivable
• Accounts Payable
• Cash Management
• Assets Management

FIS Core Financial helps company to streamline many key business processes that may result in increased
efficiencies and reduction in operational cost. The system allows authorized users to identify, access and analyse
information at ease to respond to market needs & customer demands. 
FIS Core Financial can be
customized to fit the unique requirements of users and has the capability for integration with other third party
software such as bar code and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) solutions. 

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FIS Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS) 

FIS Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS) is part of the many suites of
components of FIS (Financial Information Systems) that comprises of:

• Personnel Administration
• Payroll Management and
• Employee Time Attendance System

Targeted for the Human Resource (HR) Department, it allows better handling and management of the
entire workforce in an enterprise.  Payroll processing becomes a brisk especially when it involves the
computation of overtime pay where the attendance of the staff are electronically registered and
their overtime is automatically computed with great accuracy using the Employee Time Attendance System.

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FIS Sales and Distribution Management System

The FIS Sales & Distribution Management System (FIS SDM) is part of the many suites of components of FIS (Financial Information Systems) that comprises of:


·        Purchasing System

·        Inventory Management System

·        Sales Order, Invoicing & Delivery order system


The FIS SDM helps company to integrate their inventories (or stocks) with the purchasing, sales and deliveries or distribution activities so as to be able to:-


1.      Fulfill orders more quickly and accurately

2.      Reduce Operations cost and increase efficiency in warehouse operations

3.      Reduced dependency on warehouse personnel

4.      Standardize allocation methods, inventory movements, picking methods, and inventory locations

5.      Synchronized operation between departments, from order capture to inventory replenishment reduces the inventory holding cost

6.      Streamlined Delivery Shipments

7.      Boost customer satisfaction

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FIS Plantation Estate Resource Systems

FIS PLANTERS (Plantation Estate Resource System) is an integrated business solution developed and dedicated for the oil palm plantation industry. It is the latest addition to the FIS suites of applications which provides the necessary functionality to improve operation efficiencies and manage cost in the plantation estates using activity based costing method.


FIS PLANTERS adopts activity based costing method to track costs of running cost of equipments (including its maintenance costs), manpower and materials utilization based on user-defined activities.  The operational data that are captured in the system are integrated with the financial database. This integration to FIS financial modules or other financial system can be done either in batched or online mode depending on the availability of telecommunication infrastructure. The system also provides comprehensive features for the processing of workers’ check-roll incentives & salary payments.

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